Editing a Survey Theme

The Theme Editor

Every survey created with GetFeedback can be customized to match the brand and style of a company or organization.  The Theme Editor can be found directly above the list of questions, in the upper right hand corner of the application.  The theme editor allows for the customization of:

• Background colors
• Background textures
• Background images
• Display font
• Question font color
• Answer font color
• Button & selection choice color

Editing a Survey Background

One of the most exciting aspects of creating a survey with GetFeedback is customizing the background color, texture, or image.  Simply choose from a list of canned colors, textures, or images and see how those options are reflected in your survey in real-time.  Optionally, upload an existing image for a custom background and adjust the brightness slider to make sure you have the desired contrast.  Below are examples of a texture background and a color background:

We don't quite have a perfect size that you'll want to use documented at this time for background images. However, depending on what you are trying to do, the best advice we can give is to make sure to build to your smallest device and make sure that the background can then be repeated if the device or screen is much larger. You'll notice on our prebuilt templates the backgrounds are simple and can easily repeat. For example, our background image sizes are 1024x768 used in these templates.

If you're worried about load time, we will actually create several different sized versions of all images to improve load times. So, you can upload any image size that you'd like, and we'll make sure that the load time is the shortest possible.

We do our best to make the images responsive although it gets a bit tricky with smaller graphics and logos to display properly on each different device. 

Changing the Survey Font

Select from a list of pre-defined fonts to match your style.  Included are a list of some of the most popular fonts in existence, and as with the background image, changing a selected font displays on the survey in real-time.

Editing Font and Button Colors

At the bottom of the theme selector are color pickers for question color, answer color, and button color.  Each of these colors can be hand selected manually, or a HEX value may be entered to perfectly match the color of a company or organization.

For additional information,  please view all of the Survey Creation articles.

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