Introduction to Survey Creation

Survey Creation

Creating a survey is easy with GetFeedback.  Anyone who has used desktop editing software, such as Powerpoint or Keynote, should be able to use GetFeedback to create a survey. To get started, click "Create New Survey".   A survey is composed of 3 primary sections:  A title page, a series of questions, and a thank you page, as shown below:

The Title Page

The title page is a place to introduce the survey and its objectives.  Simply type inline to provide your survey title, an optional description of your survey objectives, and a logo or other image that helps identify your survey purpose. 

Adding Questions

New questions are added by clicking the "New Question" image on the left sidebar.  Simply type your question inline on the page and select your question type.  Available question types include:

Multiple Choice - Select one or more of the following options
Rating - Allows a person to rate based on a scale of 1-N
Short answer - A free form text field for open-ended questions
Picture Choice - A multiple choice question with pictures as options
Rank - Allows a person to stack rank a series of options
Form - Proves free form entry of text from multiple defined fields
Slider - Allows a person to define how the feel on a spectrum
Grid - Provides a simple way to ask a question with multiple items
Net Promoter Score - Provides a standard NPS customer question type

Deleting Questions

To delete a question from a survey, you will want to hover over the specific question in the left-hand menu panel. A small "X" will appear in the corner of the question slide. Clicking the "X" will delete the question from your survey.

Please note that deleting a question from your survey will also delete the associated responses. 

Including Images and Video

GetFeedback provides the ability for a user to include rich media, such as imagery and embedded video into survey questions.  Selecting the image icon on a question brings up the image dialogue.  Images may be searched and embedded from Google Images or uploaded from a computer, and then re-sized and edited directly inside of GetFeedback.  Optionally, video may be embedded directly by pasting a URL from YouTube or Vimeo

Branding and the Theme Editor

The Theme editor is located in the left sidebar at the top of the screen.  Exposing the theme editor allows a user to customize the overall look and feel of a survey, including background colors or images, font selection, and colors of questions, answers, and buttons.

Previewing a Survey

During the survey creation process, it is common to preview the survey.  Previewing a survey allows a user to visually see how that survey will appear to the person receiving the survey.  Since it is impossible to know what device the recipient will open the survey on, the preview capability within GetFeedback allows a user to see exactly how things will look on a smartphone, tablet, and web browser, even at different orientations.  Flipping through the survey in preview mode often helps in the survey creation process forcing the user to consider how questions will appear in all form factors. 

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