Introduction to Survey Analysis

The Summary Report Overview Video:

The Summary Report Explained

The Summary Report is a visual representation of your survey results whereas the cumulative results of each question are overlaid on top of your question.  The summary report can easily by shared simply by sending the URL of the report, and results are displayed in real-time.  

The title page of your summary report contains basic metrics such as how many people started your survey, how many people completed your survey, and the completion rate.

Summary Report title screen example:

Summary Report multiple choice question example (more examples here)

Analyzing the Detailed Results

As an audience responds to a survey, email notifications alert a user in real-time.  When it comes time to see the detailed results and understand how a survey will impact the organization, GetFeedback provides real-time detail analysis tools.  Furthermore, survey results can be exported as an Excel or CSV spreadsheet file for more detailed analysis or integration to 3rd party systems including marketing apps, email service providers or CRM applications.

When navigating within a survey, selecting the "Results" tab then click "Results" at the top of the screen will display the detailed survey results as shown above. The remainder of the page is dedicated to displaying the detailed results.  The results are sorted in order, with the most recent survey response at the top of the page.  Individual responses to questions are displayed on the page from left (first question) to right (last question).  It should be noted that the page will scroll horizontally for access to all questions and responses.  Scrolling down the page vertically will automatically load past responses.

Attributing Responses to a Specific Individual

GetFeedback allows for the tracking of specific responses. Learn more about using merge fields to attribute responses to individuals.

Exporting responses for Further Analysis

At the top of the "Results" page is the export button.  Any GetFeedback survey can be exported in Microsoft Excel format (known as .XLS) or Comma Separated Values format (known as .CSV).  

The majority of spreadsheet applications support these formats for more detailed analysis, custom charting, or for use as an import tool to another application such as a 3rd party email service provider or backend application.

For detailed information on integrating this data into Salesforce, please see the step-by-step guide to integrate your survey responses with Salesforce

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