Introduction to Survey Distribution

Distributing your GetFeedback survey is as easy as sharing a link to a blog post or news article. Just copy the URL shown on the survey’s Distribute tab, and paste it in an email, a Twitter or Facebook update, or on your own site. If you’d like, you can even embed the whole survey in a blog post instead of just linking to it or send it directly from GetFeedback via email.


Note: For information about testing your survey before sharing it with your audience, take a look at our Previewing Your Survey help article.


Where to Find the Survey’s URL

After logging into GetFeedback, click the survey you’d like to share, then click the Distribute link at the top of the page. Click the button to copy the link to your clipboard, or highlight the URL and copy it.


Distribute Via Email

To share your survey in an email sent to one or more of your audience members, just paste the link in the text of the email or add a hyperlink using your email program’s link function.


GetFeedback even allows you to customize the link you share so you can see exactly who each response came from. Read up on using merge fields to see how that works.

Distribute Over Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and More

To share your survey on any social media channel, just paste the link like you would like to share. Here’s how we’ve used Facebook for distributing a survey:


Check out our article on Distributing a Survey on Twitter or Facebook for some tips and tricks to make your surveys more effective.

Distribute on Your Website or Blog

You have two options for sharing a survey on your blog or website. The first is to simply share the link. Use your site’s built-in editor or hand code the HTML to create a hyperlink using your survey’s Distribute URL.

The other option is to embed your survey. Here’s an example where we embedded a survey in a blog post:


Right now you can embed a survey by using an iframe on your site. This process is more for those who have experience with coding HTML, so make sure you’re comfortable with making this type of change before proceeding.

The sample code below should work for just about any web site where you can add custom HTML code. Just enter your survey’s URL inside the quotation marks after src, and adjust the height and width to fit your site.


**Please note that surveys do need to be completed in one session - it's not currently possible to start a survey, close the survey and then return to complete the survey at a later time. If you do start a survey, and lose internet connection, but keep the survey open and then submit the responses by clicking the "Submit" button, we will record those responses. 

More Distribution Information

For more information about the best ways to get your surveys in front of the right people, here’s a list of help articles to answer your questions. Enjoy!

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