Editing, Resizing, and Cropping Images

Image Editing within GetFeedback

Once you’ve selected a great image to go with your survey question, GetFeedback makes it easy to get the look of the image just right with simple tools for editing, resizing and cropping images.

There are four main tools GetFeedback provides for editing an image:

1) Cropping the image 
2) Adding or removing a border/frame
3) Resizing the image
4) Centering or moving the image

Cropping Images

To crop an image vertically, just put your cursor on the image, hold down your mouse button and drag the image around. Once you’ve got it cropped to your liking, let go of your mouse button.

GetFeedback Image Editor - Cropping an Image

Adding a Border / Frame to an Image

Some survey creators elect to add or remove borders / frames around photos.  Depending on the contract between your image and the survey background, some images tend to be more clear with or without a frame, a personal choice!  To add or remove a frame, simply toggle the selection by clicking the frame option in the bottom left of the image editor, as shown below:

GetFeedback image editor frame border online surveys

Resizing Images

It's a fact of life, some images that come from Google or are stored on your computer's hard drive look to large for your survey question, some appear too small.  The GetFeedback image resizer allows you to size any image perfectly for your survey question by dragging the slider as shown in the image below:

getfeedback image editor resize images online surveys

Note: Computer images are a series of pixels (or very small dots) that make up the image.  Taking a small image and resizing it to be much larger tends to make the image look grainy or "pixelated."  If your image looks pixelated, try to start with a larger image.

If you're working with a background image we don’t quite have a perfect size that you’ll want to use documented at this time. Depending on what you are trying to do, the best advice we can give you is to make sure to build to your smallest device, and make sure that the background can then be repeated, if the device or screen is much larger. 

Moving and Centering Images

Within the GetFeedback image editor, all images can be moved or centered to fit the image exactly as you would like it to appear within the survey.  This capability is commonly used after resizing and/or cropping the image.  Images can be moved by simply dragging and releasing with your mouse, or selecting the "Center" option as shown in the image below:

getfeedback online survey image editor move or center an image

For additional information,please view all of the Survey Creation articles.

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