Using Merge Fields to Personalize a Survey

If you are sending our surveys to known individuals, you might want to personalize your survey for those people such as adding their name to the survey or reminding them of the product they are reviewing.  Many organizations accomplish this by using merge fields when sending surveys manually via email, when using a CRM application such as Salesforce, or using an email marketing application such as Campaign Monitor, Exact Target, Constant Contact, or other similar system

Wait, hold on a minute!  What's a merge field?

Customizing a Survey Using Merge Fields, How it Works:

Customizing a survey with a merge fields provides a better experience for the survey recipient, and can lead to more specific questions that can be directed to that individual, ultimately leading to higher response rates and better feedback for you and your organization.

So how does it work? It's pretty simple, just start with a couple merge field values that you might want to use in your survey, such as the NAME of the recipient, and perhaps the PRODUCT that person has purchased from you. From here you can dynamically construct your emails in Salesforce, or your favorite email marketing product.

The URLs might look something like this when created by your email app.  You can, of course, hide the merge fields when you distribute them with some simple HTML, and the survey recipients will think it's magic.

Then simply construct your survey inside of GetFeedback with the merge fields you are using in your survey link (such as [NAME] and [PRODUCT] as shown here).  Just put square brackets around the merge field name and GetFeedback will treat them as merge fields.  You can reference these fields anywhere in the GetFeedback survey builder, as shown here in the question text:

GetFeedback online survey software survey personalization with merge fields


Sending from Salesforce

Similarly, you can use Salesforce fields to personalize your survey as well, if you are sending your survey from Salesforce. Use the same logic as shown above and place the name of the merge field in the survey. For example, your link might look similar to what you see below:{!Contact.Name}

If you'd then like to use the name within the survey you'll take the name of the merge field and place it in between brackets:


It will then display the contact's name within your survey.


GetFeedback Survey Personalization with Merge Fields

​You can add these merge fields almost anywhere in your survey, including on questions, answers, and buttons. Voila! You've just created a fun engaging online survey personalized to your audience, congratulations!


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