Team Administration Settings

An Overview of Team Collaboration 
A GetFeedback account is tied to a specific person, with a specific login / email address. For example, you sign into GetFeedback with your unique email address and password, which provides you access to the surveys within your account.  However many GetFeedback users have asked, "How can I work together on survey projects with multiple people on my team, or multiple people across my company?"  

The GetFeedback Terms and Conditions of use do not allow for the sharing of user credentials between multiple people for (a) security concerns that are validated by the policies of most corporate IT environments, and (b) the havoc that comes when multiple people are working within the same environment and stepping on each others toes.
Inspired by products such as Google Apps and Salesforce, today's collaborative business software allows multiple individuals within a team to work together to more effectively on projects while each maintaining their own separate login credentials and workspace.

Similarly, GetFeedback allows any user on the GetFeedback for Salesforce or Enterprise Plans to create a multi-user "team" with centralized administration, billing, and control settings.  

Team Administration Settings
The user who originally added users to create the team becomes the Team Administrator.  Team Administrators have a unique group of settings at their disposal to manage the environment, and are responsible for:
  • New user activation and de-activation
  • Controlling team connectivity to Salesforce (GetFeedback for Salesforce Plans only)
  • Controlling which users have access to Salesforce integration (GetFeedback for Salesforce Plans only)
  • Controlling whitelabel and custom URL settings for the team (Enterprise Plan)

Activating and De-Activating Team Members

Additional user accounts can be added as team members using the process described in this help article.  However, it is common over the course of time to re-assign user accounts from one person to another.  This can be accomplished easily within the team settings provided to an administrator. Under Account Settings > Team Settings > Users you will find the ability to deactivate a user account, as shown below:

GetFeedback Online Survey Software Deactivated

When a user account has been deactivated that user will no longer be able to login or access their Getfeedback account.  However, because that user license has already been paid for through the renewal date of the team administrator, that account is free to re-assign to another user without any additional change, as explained in the deactivation dialogue:

GetFeedback Deactivate

The team administrator can add another user to their team (simply by adding another team member), or they may choose to re-activate that specific user account at anytime thereafter.

Team Administration and Salesforce Connection Settings (GetFeedback for Salesforce Plans Only)

A team administrator controls all connection settings to a Salesforce Org.  Team administrators can find these settings in Account Settings > Salesforce and can choose to connect to Salesforce with the appropriate credentials.  This prevents any team members from overriding or accidentally adjusting the Salesforce configuration settings.

Given that Salesforce integration is often tightly controlled within an organization, be default, team members will not have access to connect to Salesforce from within their accounts.  Should a team administrator wish to grant Salesforce connection settings to a specific user, they can do so in the team settings area by navigating to Account Settings > Team Settings > User > Salesforce, as shown below:

GetFeedback Online Survey Software Team Settings for Salesforce

In the example above, the team administrator has their Salesforce integration turned "ON" and has also granted access to one additional individual on the team.  This is common when survey are being created by a team, with one or more people having knowledge of the Salesforce configuration.  Every team member with the Salesforce setting turned "ON" will have the ability to map survey responses into Salesforce.  Those who have the Salesforce setting turned "OFF" will not have the ability to configure surveys that integrate with Salesforce in their account.

Whitelabel and Custom URL Administration Settings 
(Enterprise Plan and Higher)

For customers on the GetFeedback Enterprise Plan or higher, whitelabel and custom URL settings are available.  these settings are controlled by the team administrator and only visible within the Account Settings of the administrator.  

PLEASE NOTE: Both whitelabel and custom URL settings are GLOBAL and when set, will apply to every survey in every team member account.  Therefore, custom branding uploaded by the team administrator for survey owned in their account will also display the custom branding for surveys owned by ALL TEAM MEMBERS.  Additionally custom URL subdomains configured by the team administrator for survey owned in their account will also display the custom URLs for surveys owned by ALL TEAM MEMBERS.

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