Survey Ownership, Sharing, and Collaboration

An Overview of Team Collaboration 
A GetFeedback account is tied to a specific person, with a specific login / email address. For example, you sign into GetFeedback with your unique email address and password, which provides you access to the surveys within your account.  However many GetFeedback users have asked, "How can I work together on survey projects with multiple people on my team, or multiple people across my company?"  

The GetFeedback Terms and Conditions of use do not allow for the sharing of user credentials between multiple people for (a) security concerns that are validated by the policies of most corporate IT environments, and (b) the havoc that comes when multiple people are working within the same environment and stepping on each other's toes.
Inspired by products such as Google Apps and Salesforce, today's collaborative business software allows multiple individuals within a team to work together to more effectively on projects while each maintaining their own separate login credentials and workspace.

Similarly, GetFeedback allows any user on the Enterprise plan or Salesforce plan to create a multi-user "team" with centralized administration, billing, and control settings

Team Sharing and Collaboration
Once additional user accounts are added to a team, GetFeedback provides a collaborative environment which allows for the seamless sharing of surveys across a team.  The structure of this environment is easy to understand, and works as follows:

Each survey has a distinct OWNER, which defaults to the person who creates the survey.  All surveys owned by you will be visible in the "My Surveys" section of the survey home view, which can always be accessed by clicking on the GetFeedback logo in the upper left portion of the screen.  An owner of a survey has full edit capabilities to the survey, and can change survey content, view survey responses, and edit Salesforce data mappings.  

To share a survey, navigate to the survey homepage. Click the gear icon>Share

Sharing a Survey With a Team Member in Read-Only Mode

Survey owners then have the ability to share a survey with other members of the team. Surveys that are shared with you (but not owned by you) are visible in the survey home view under the heading "Shared with me."  Surveys that are shared with you (but not owned by you) cannot be edited, but allow you to view the survey content and all survey responses and summary reports.  

Below is a screenshot showing a survey being shared to another member of the team. To reach this screen you will want to navigate to your Account Settings>Team Settings

GetFeedback Online Survey Software Sharing Settings

Transferring Survey Ownership Between Accounts

If you are working on a survey project with multiple individuals, you have the ability to work on one survey, and transfer ownership from one person to the next.  In the survey share dialogue, simply select the "Is Owner" option to transfer ownership (and therefore full edit rights) from one user to another

GetFeedback Online Survey Software Team Owner

When survey ownership is transferred, the new Owner of the survey will see that survey listed in the "My Surveys" section of the survey home view, while the old survey Owner now becomes a read-only viewer and will find that survey mow listed in the survey home section titled surveys "Shared with Me"

*Note: Only the survey owner can change Salesforce mappings

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