Survey Distribution in Multiple Languages

There are two ways to approach sending a survey in multiple languages. Do you know the language that your survey taker prefers? If so, you can easily send out a survey in their preferred language. Otherwise, how do you give them an option to choose their language before taking the survey? We'll go over both options here.

Step One: Create your survey

The first thing you'll want to do is create your main survey in GetFeedback. This will act as the base for all surveys going forward in all languages. 
Once you're finished creating the survey in your own preferred language choice, you'll want to then begin to make copies of your survey. Make as many copies as you'd like to have language choices.

Step Two: Change the languages of the surveys

Finally, edit the copy of the language to correspond with your language choice (we will not translate questions automatically) and then change the buttons (and other surveys labels) by going into the 'settings' tab of your survey. Do this for all copies of your survey.

At this point if you know the language preferences of your survey takers you can now send out the survey as it is. If not, you'll want to continue below to see how to allow your survey takers to select their language.

Please note: Currently GetFeedback support includes English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Vietnamese and Thai.

Don't see your language of choice in the selection box? We'd love to hear from you and talk through your use case. We'd be happy to add other languages if we hear more than a few requests to add them.  

Step Three: Create a new survey to allow for language selection

In this next step, you'll create one more survey. This survey will be used to allow people to select the language of their choice which will then direct them to the corresponding survey in that language that you've created in step two.

To begin, create a new survey with one question: "Please select your preferred language" all of your answers should then be based on the languages you've used for your surveys in step two. For example, if you made four copies of your survey in Spanish, German, English, and French then you'll want to have each of those options as an answer to this first question.

Step Four: Create redirects for to each of your language choices

Once you've created your question you'll want to then create a redirect to each different language survey.  To do this select the option at the end of your question slides called "Add Exit Page" and select the option to create a redirect.

Grab the distribute link for each survey choice and paste it into the redirect URL on the right hand side of your screen.  At the end of this step you should have a redirect (or exit page) for each survey language option.

Step Five: Put your logic in place

Finally, you'll place in logic rules that will tell us where to take people depending on their answer to your first question in this survey. Click on the logic icon on your question to begin adding rules.

Your rules should look like the ones below where each option will correspond with the redirect page made for that language type.

Step Six: Test your survey

The final step is to test your survey. Send out the last survey that you created first (asking for the language preference) by grabbing the URL in the distribute tab of that survey. Run a few tests to make sure all of your logic rules are working as expected.

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