Embedding Surveys in Your Desk.com Support Center

Embedding an Online Survey in your Desk.com Support Center

Many companies use a Desk.com support center website (like the one you're looking at right now!), which contains useful information, how-to guides, and helpful articles. GetFeedback for Desk.com provides the ability collect customer feedback directly from the support center, allowing your company to pinpoint areas of confusion, reduce friction in the self-service support process, and identify where knowledge articles and content can be improved.

GetFeedback for Desk.com support center website online surveys

Benefits of Collecting Feedback from your Desk.com Support Center

The standard functionality within Desk.com provides a simple widget at the bottom of all Desk.com help articles that allows a visitor to say "I found this article helpful" or "I did not find this article helpful."  This provides valuable feedback, but leads a support center manager to wonder "Why?"  For example, if a visitor did not find the article helpful, you might want to understand:

  • What specifically was confusing about the article content?
  • Was the article written poorly written?
  • Did the article not contain enough information?
  • Should additional imagery have been used in the help article?
  • What could be done to improve upon the help article?

Support center visitors are surprisingly willing to give you the exact feedback you need to improve your support center help articles, and by following a few simple steps below, you can gather the essential feedback you need to create a world-class support center.

How to GetFeedback in Your Desk.com Support Center, a Step-by-Step Guide
STEP 1: Create your Desk.com Support Center Survey in GetFeedback

The first step is to create a survey with GetFeedback which will be embedded in your Desk.com support center articles.  This will include include the set of questions you'd like to ask your support center visitors about the help article.  It's a good best practice to start with a simple rating scale, either a visual question (such as that shown below) or a standard rating scale such as "On a scale of 1-10, please rate the usefulness of this help article:

A sample GetFeedback survey being designed to embed in the Desk.com support center:

GetFeedback for Desk.com online survey software

Your survey can then include subsequent questions, and even include logic!  For example, if a support center visitor rates your content poorly, you can follow up with additional questions about what specifically was problematic, and you can ask the visitor what can be done to improve.  Because many website visitors are anonymous, you can optionally ask then for their name and email address to follow up with them.  Check out the very bottom of this page to see an example of a simple survey with logic included!

STEP 2: Determine Where You'll Embed Your Survey in the Desk.com Support Center

The standard structure of a Desk.com support center website includes the following pages: An "Index" page including a list of all topics and articles, a "Topic" page showing all of the articles in a given topic, an "Article" page showing the detailed content for a help article, and a "Search Results" page that displays after a search is completed.  

You'll need to determine next where you'd like to place your survey(s) on across your Desk.com support center website.  If this is your first time configuring these pages and including 3rd party content, we recommend starting with the "Article" page which are the detailed help articles themselves.  These pages contain the information that provides the most valuable feedback to support managers.  You can also use GetFeedback surveys uniquely on each page type, for example, if you are embedding a survey on a help article you can ask questions about the content, and if you embedding a survey on the topic page, you can ask about which topics are missing or redundant.

STEP 3: Embed Your Survey in Your Desk.com Page(s)

OK, so you've got your survey designed and ready to go, and you've decided which page(s) you'd like to embed it on within your support center website.  Now's comes the tricky part where you jump in and customize the layout of your specific page.  For those of you who are the admins of Desk.com, you'll probably feel right at home.  If you've never added HTML to a website before, just follow the simple steps below. 

In this example we'll step through the configuration of a GetFeedback survey on the Desk.com "Article" pages.  You can start by signing into Desk.com with your Admin credentials and navigating to Desk.com > Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes > Edit > Advanced Themes

Next click on the section labeled Page (Article) as shown here:
GetFeedback for Desk.com Support Center Configuration

Scroll down to the very bottom of the HTML page that displays in the main window and paste in the following HTML code.  You can always adjust how this is displayed, we've just include an HTML block here for reference.  Keep in mind to replace the /xxxxxxxx shown below with the exact URL of your survey.

GetFeedback for Desk.com Help Article Page Customization

and if you want to get a bit fancy, you can even include dynamic merge fields in the survey URL that will tell you the exact help article, or help topic the user was looking at when they completed the survey.  No guess work required!  If you're getting this fancy, here is a list of Desk.com help article merge fields that you can use to pass information dynamically from the support center help article into your survey

GetFeedback for Desk.com Article

At this point you've done enough to test things out.  We recommend saving your support center page configuration and taking a look now at your live support center website.  If you're having trouble with this step in the configuration for any reason, please feel free to contact the friendly support staff at GetFeedback via email (help@getfeedback.com) or just fill out the survey at the bottom of this page!

STEP 4: Set Up for Your Survey to Create New Cases in Desk.com

By default your survey responses will be collected in your GetFeedback account where you can get an aggregate view and detailed information on the usefulness of each and every Desk.com help article.  However, some companies want to send these survey responses into Desk.com and follow up with them as you would any new case.  This is a great idea and your support center visitors will love you for it!

The easiest way to do this is to use the Desk.com email channel.  If you'd like to set this up, we recommend configuring GetFeedback to send NEW survey responses to an email inbox that Desk.com is listening to.  You can confirm or set up a Desk.com inboice mailbox by navigating to Desk.com > Admin > Channels > Email > Inbound Email

GetFeedback for Desk.com

For example, if you have your Desk.com system setup to create Cases from new email received at help@mycompany.com then you can configure your GetFeedback email address to send emails to that address in GetFeedback > Account Settings > User Settings > Email Address, as shown below

GetFeedback for Desk.com configuration account settings

This simple configuration will automatically create new Desk.com cases from survey responses.  Now of course, because most Desk.com support centers are available on an anonymous public website, you won't know exactly who all of your survey respondents are. However, you can optionally choose to collect information such as Name, Email, etc in a form within your survey and manually attach these cases to existing customer and company data in Desk.com.

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