Embedding Surveys in Desk.com Support Email Replies

Including an Online Survey in a Desk.com Email Reply

Customer support agents who engage with a customers via email or social media often have multiple interactions with a customer prior to case resolution.  These written communications can often be confusing, poorly worded, and cause additional frustration.  Customers now have the ability to provide direct feedback on the quality of each written interaction. Additionally, Being able to view aggregate customer feedback across many interactions allows a company to understand which agents are delivering phenomenal service, and identify areas for agent improvement and training. 

GetFeedback for Salesforce Desk.com Email Replies

An Overview of Embedding an Online Survey in a Desk.com Email Reply

Email is currently the most popular mechanism to communicate with customers using Desk.com. Surveys embedded in email allow a customer to rate and provide feedback to support agents about the quality of support they are receiving during the support process, allowing the agent to improve support on the fly.  They also allow a Desk.com admin to track agent performance over the course of time.  

Now the reality is that because there are thousands of email clients (for example, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Apple Mail, etc) only basic HTML can be used safely across the wide array of email clients.  As a result, its not possible to embed an ENTIRE Getfeedback survey inside of the email body.  Rather, the approach is to mimic the FIRST QUESTION of the survey by creating an email with your first question mocked up as HTML.  When the user clicks on one of the images or links in the email, their first click is recorded and they are shown subsequent survey questions as desired in a in a web browsers as a standard GetFeedback survey would display.

GetFeedback for Desk.com Email Reply Surveys

So, what is that survey question embedded in that email on the left side of the above image? That question and those little happy and sad face images are simply a block of HTML, which is configured by adding the HTML block to your Desk.com Email Reply template.  Here's the same block of HTML embedded into this HTML web page.  Go ahead and click on the images below and give it a try for yourself:

Try this live example:
We're always looking to improve!
Please rate the quality of support you are receiving today:

How does it all work and how would you configure your own survey with the first question embedded into a Desk.com Email Reply?  Follow the step by step instructions below and you'll be up and running in no time!

STEP 1: Create a Block of HTML that Represents Your Question (Or Copy This One)

First, if you're an HTML guru who has experience hand designing email templates, you know that with basic HTML syntax you are able to create layouts for all types of questions.  But what's really happening behind the scenes?  Well, each one of the images in the example above is an HTML link that launches a GetFeedback survey and passes in a piece of information (the score in this case) as a merge field (more on the basics of merge fields here). You can also bring in other merge fields specific to Desk.com, such as case id or agent name. You can see all of the Desk.com merge fields on their website. So let's say that when a person clicks on the green smiley face above I want to launch my GetFeedback survey and record a score of "5", and similarly for all of the other options as well.  When the recipient clicks on one of the smiley face images, I'd like to link to my survey, and send the score and the value into the survey as merge fields.  What you'll see here is that every image has a separate link associated with it:

GetFeedback for Desk.com HTML Block Explained

Now if you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get a bit dirty,  here is the HTML that is required to produce the example above within a Desk.com Email Reply template.  

GetFeedback for Desk.com Email EReplies

Please note: You can copy this exact HTML by going to our live example and viewing the page source. We also supply NPS number images that you can save and use in your email template below.

A bit of explanation might be required here, so here's what this HTML block is saying:  If the person clicks on the happy face, launch the following GetFeedback survey (https://www.getfeedback.com/r/xxxxxxx, which you will replace with your unique link in the step below), record a score of "4", and associate that response with the Desk.com case number and customer name.  Similarly, if the person clicks on the super smiley face, launch the same survey but record a score of "5".  If you have any questions at this point about how you might want to configure your survey questions in an HTML email, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team at help@getfeedback.com.

STEP 2: Paste You Block of HTML into Your Desk.com Email Reply Template

Desk.com email reply themes allow you to add in your own custom design and HTML.  You'll find the ability to edit your current Desk.com email reply theme by navigating to Desk.com > Admin > Channels > Email > Reply Themes > Edit, as shown below:

GetFeedback for Desk.com Email Reply Themes

You can now drop your block of HTML into your Desk.com Email Reply Theme anywhere you'd like.  As a best practice, we recommend including it at the bottom of the email thread, so it will be persistent in all of the back and forth communications with your customer.

STEP 3: Configure the Rest of Your Survey

Configuring the rest of your GetFeedback survey is now quite easy.  All you need to do is to create and add any additional questions you'd like to ask.  It's important to note that currently you must ask AT LEAST one additional survey question in addition to the question that was formed in the HTML email.  So for this example, you'll notice that we asked one simple follow up question with the following question text: "Hey thanks for checking out this example! We've recorded your score of [score] out of 5. Is there anything specific you think we can do to improve?"  This allows the survey recipient to add any additional information before clicking "Submit"

Please Note: If you are using an NPS question type you can use our one click embed process.

We recommend that surveys that start with a first question embedded in an email remove the Title Page to the survey.  The reason for this is that the survey recipients already feel like they have started the survey by clicking first on the email, so we think it would be a bit odd to show the user a Title Page before displaying what the user thinks of as the second survey question.  you can remove the Title Page to your survey by navigating to GetFeedback > Survey > Build and highlighting the Title Page and clicking "Remove" as shown in the images below:

Removing the Title Page:

getfeedback online survey software title page removal

Confirming the removal of the Title Page:

getfeedback online survey software remove title page

From the survey builder, you can now create any subsequent questions you might want to add to your survey and optionally configure a survey Thank You page upon completion.

STEP 4: Displaying the Results

When you survey is completed by your email recipients, the results will display similarly to all of your other GetFeedback online surveys.  On the responses page of your survey you will find the survey results, which include any of the merge fields you have configured within your survey.  

Please note: Since you are delivering your survey via email to known recipients, you can also include merge fields in the survey link that contains information about the customer.  
If you're getting this fancy, here is a list of Desk.com help article merge fields that you can use to pass information dynamically from the Desk.com email reply into your survey.  This way you'll be able to attribute the survey responses to that specific customer, case number, and you'll be able to follow up with them for additional information as necessary.  Otherwise, all survey responses will by anonymous by default.


Embedding NPS Questions

If you want to embed an NPS type question instead (like the example below) this is also possible and a great way to get feedback and keep track of your NPS score overall. We have a great how to guide on creating a one click process where people can quickly answer your NPS question by clicking at their answer right in your email template.


If you need images to represent your NPS question, we have them for you! Just right click and save each number in the set that you'd like to use below:





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