Triggering Surveys When Support Cases are Closed or Resolved

Triggering an Online Survey After Case is Closed or Resolved

When a support case is finally closed or resolved, it’s critical to understand the satisfaction level of a customer.  Satisfied customers are likely repeat buyers and will recommend a company to their friends and colleagues.  Measuring customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores can help a company follow up with customers and take action to make sure every customer is a raving fan.

GetFeedback for Case Triggering an Online Survey

How does it all work and how would you configure your own survey to trigger from ?  Follow the step by step instructions below and you'll be up and running in no time!

STEP 1: Configuring a Case Closed Rule or Case Resolved Role

You can trigger to send a customer survey via email based on the state of a case.  For example, it is common for companies to trigger a customer satisfaction survey to be sent to an individual when the Case is "Closed" or "Resolved".  To set up the rule, please navigate to > Admin > Cases > Rules > and select your rule of choice.  

GetFeedback for Case resolved of closed rule

The screenshot below shows a Case Resolved rule that says something to the effect of "When this case is marked as resolved, send a customer satisfaction survey if that support agent has marked a field "Yes, Send Satisfaction Survey".  You can design your rules to meet your specific business criteria, and many companies set up a simple configuration that triggers a customer satisfaction survey after every case is Resolved or Closed.  The screenshot below is an example, and don't need to follow it exactly.  

GetFeedback for Case Resolved Workflow Rule

STEP 2: Configuring a Email Notification

You'll notice in the screenshot above that the rule has a "Rule Action" that specifies what should happen when the rule criteria are met.  The rule action to select in this case is to "Send Notification Email".  it's time to create your notification email (also known as an email template in other apps that you might use).  Navigate to > Admin > Cases > Notifications, as shown in the screen below:

GetFeedback for Email Notification Editor

When you open up the email editor you might get a little scared, because unlike other email notification editors or email template editors, does not include a point-and-click HTML generator.  So you're faced with writing a block of HTML code yourself.  Luckily there are a number of simple and free HTML editors on the market that you can use.  If you're interested, try a quick google search for "free wysiwyg HTML editor" and you'll note a host of options.  Compose your HTML email and include a link to your survey in your desired format.  Here is an example of some HTML that will produce a basic email (you can get much fancier than this! See our example below of what we do by embedding the rating numbers right in the html)

GetFeedback for Sample HTML Email notification

Note:  Since you are delivering your survey via email to known recipients, you can also include merge fields in the survey link that contains information about the customer.  If you're getting this fancy, here is a list of help article merge fields that you can use to pass information dynamically from into your survey.  This way you'll be able to attribute the survey responses to that specific customer, case number, and you'll be able to follow up with them for additional information as necessary.  

Below is an example of what we send out when a case is closed with us.

You'll see we have our survey link 5 times on the page linking an image that represents each possible answer: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. We then collect information about the customer as well by using Desk merge fields (or liquid variables as they call them). We collect the plan they are on, case number, customer first and last name, and finally the agent that has helped them.  In this example we've also embedded our survey right in the html of the email that goes out. If you'd like to learn how to do this as well please see our help doc on embedding GetFeedback into your replies.

If you have additional questions or would like to talk to a support, simply send us an email at


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