Creating a Website Survey

Website surveys are a great way to get feedback from people on your website.   Ask questions, offer assistance, collect sign ups for your newsletter, and gain insights from prospects and visitors as they engage with the content on your site.  

Please note: This is currently only live for our GetFeedback for Salesforce plans.


Creating your Website Survey

The first step you'll want to take is to use the survey builder to build your survey.  Building website surveys is no different than building a normal survey, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  Keep the content as short and concise as possible as your survey will appear inside of a small widget or lightbox on your website. 

Next, we'll look at starting to configure the location, style, and choose some targeting options for your survey. To do this, go into your Distribute tab and find these settings under the "Embed on Your Site" option as shown below.

Within this page you'll see the set up options for your website survey on the left hand side, with a preview of what the survey will look like on your website.

As you make changes to your settings your preview will also change with the settings that you choose. A few changes you can make to customize your survey are described in detail below:

Type - Determine the type of website survey you'd like to have. You can choose between drawer or lightbox. A drawer will be placed at the bottom right or left of your website while a lightbox will appear like a pop up after the button has been clicked. You can toggle between the options to see which would work out best for your website.
Place - You'll have two options here for placement on your website: Lower left or Lower right. Keep in mind for the lightbox option this is only where the button will appear, the lightbox will always appear in the middle of your survey takers screen.
Label - Adding a label allows for you to add a call to action such as "Contact Us" "Provide Feedback" or ask a question such as "Need help?" 

Mobile - While our surveys are mobile friendly, you can choose to show or hide surveys on mobile devices such as iPads and smart phones.
Icon - Finally, pick an icon and color that best fits your website theme and survey. 

The last step you'll need to take before your surveys will start to trigger on your website is to add the javascript snippet to your website.  You only have to do this one time, and you will never have to do it again (even if you create more surveys for your website)!   Simply copy and paste the javascript into the footer of your website home page.  If you don't have access, we've made it simple to email the instructions to the appropriate person who can do this for you.



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