Logic Basics

With the Logic feature on GetFeedback surveys, you can send respondents to different questions based on the answers they give, allowing you to create multiple paths through a survey. For example, if certain questions are only relevant to a portion of your audience, you can send the other people straight to your thank you page without showing them the unnecessary questions.

Adding Logic to a Survey

To add Logic to your survey, hover over the question to apply it to, and click the Logic icon:


On the next page, click the Add Logic to this Question button to continue to the Logic builder.

To apply a rule before displaying this question click the New Rule link in the box at the top of the page:

Then you’ll enter all of your conditions for the first rule:
- choose “the answer to” if the rule is based on a previous survey answer

- choose “merge field” if the rule is based on the value of a 
merge field  (skip below to see more on this option)  Please note: this option will only be available to our professional and enterprise plans.


If you choose “the answer to,” you’ll be able to select any question that precedes the one you’re working on.

Next, set the remaining options and choose the question your respondent should be sent to instead of the current question:


If the conditions you chose are met, the question this Logic has been applied to won’t be shown to the respondent. They’ll instead be sent to the question you specified in the rule.

You can also set up logic to run after a question is answered, using the steps above, just select the option "Run these rules after this question is answered" shown below.

Then you’ll follow the same steps as above for setting the conditions that apply to this question or any earlier question.

If none of your rules’ conditions are met your respondents will be sent to the question specified in the Otherwise box. The next question is chosen by default, but you can choose any question after that one, too. Then click Save Changes when you’re done adding or modifying rules.

Note: At this time, Logic rules cannot be based on Rating Grid, Multiple Choice grid, or Rank questions, though you can still send people to those questions from rules based on the other question types. Rating Grid, Multiple Choice Grid and Rank questions will be grayed out in the drop down when creating a rule.

Using Merge Fields in Logic

If you choose “merge field” in the logic edit, you can create a rule based off any merge field that you've added in your link URL (Please Note: this option is only available for our professional and enterprise plans).  If you're not familiar with merge fields, you might want to start off by reading our help doc on using merge fields in URL's, before continuing. 

Once you've decided which merge fields you'd like to use in your survey, you'll want to run through your survey once completely, before adding in your logic. You'll do this so that we can register the merge fields that you'll be using, and allow for you to select them in the builder. For example, your URL might look something like:


Once you've run through the survey once, you can then go into the logic builder and select your fields, and create your rules.

Running Multiple Rules Before or After a Question

To run more than one rule before or after one of your questions, just click the New Rule link again. GetFeedback will run your rules in order before proceeding to the question. Use the arrow icons to drag your rules into the proper order.

Adding More Than One Condition to a Rule

You can also add multiple conditions to a single rule. Click the plus sign icon on the right to add a new one, and check or uncheck the box below to choose whether the rule must meet all or any of the conditions. Click the x icon on the left to remove any conditions you don’t need.


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