Using Merge Fields in Logic

While setting up a survey using GetFeedback, you can also set up rules, or logic for the survey to follow as well. The most common use case is to set up paths for the survey taker to follow based on answers that they have selected within your survey. However, we also do offer advanced logic, which allows for you to create rules, or paths for your survey taker based off merge fields, or information you've provided to us about the survey taker.

Before reading on, we highly recommend becoming familiar with what a merge field is, and how it works if you haven't already.

Please Note: this option is only available for our Professional and Enterprise plans


Run Your Survey Once Completely Using Your Merge Fields

If you choose “merge field” in the logic builder screen, you can create a rule based off any merge field that you've added in your link URL, or that you've pulled in from a 3rd party email platform, or Salesforce.

Once you've decided which merge fields you'd like to use in your survey, you'll want to run through your survey once completely, before adding in your logic. You'll do this so that we can register the merge fields that you'll be using, and allow for you to select them in the builder. For example, your URL might look something like:

Or, if you are using Campaign Monitor to send out your survey:[email]&Name=[Fullname]

Or, if you are using Salesforce to send out your survey:

Any of these options will work to collect your merge field information.

Enter this URL fully in your browser window and run through your survey completely, being sure to hit 'submit' at the end. 

Once you've run through the survey once, you can then go into the logic builder and select your fields, and create your rules.  

Adding Logic to a Survey

To add Logic to your survey, hover over the question to apply it to, and click the Logic icon:


On the next page, click the Add Logic to this Question button to continue to the Logic builder.


Select when you'd like the logic rule to run. 

Depending on the route you'd like survey takers to follow you can either have a rule run before or after a question is shown. If you're trying to skip the question you are on, for example, you'll want to run the rule before the question is shown. 

Once this has been selected, you'll then be given the option to start building out your rules. Select the merge field option to begin creating rules based off merge fields in your URL, rather than answers given in the survey. You can also mix and match, creating rules based off both answers given and merge fields supplied.

Select Your Merge Fields to Use in Your Rules

Since you've already run through your survey once completely, your merge fields will emerge in the logic editor. You'll be able to select these merge fields when creating your rules.

For example, you can create different rules for people using a certain email address like what you see below. 

Remember, you can pull in merge fields from 3rd party email providers such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, or Salesforce. You can then use this information as well to create rules in the logic builder.  

Save Your Logic

Save your logic rules after adding them to your survey before testing. Once you are completely done with all of your rules, you can then test by running through your survey, with your merge fields in place.

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