Tracking Email Responses in Salesforce

Please note: This article will go over how to track survey responses when sending directly from GetFeedback only.

Before getting started here, we recommend you get familiar with merge fields. We have a great write up on this that can help you
get started.
Merge fields are very useful for tracking survey responses back to another application, such as Salesforce. You’ll often times see merge fields and custom fields used as a term interchangeably as they can be used to accomplish the same thing such as personalizing an email, tracking responses, or adding hidden fields to links. In this case, we’ll go over how merge fields can help you track responses from people who take your survey after clicking on the link in your email.
When uploading your list to GetFeedback you’ll be given the chance to add in personal information about each recipient such as name, email, company name, or unique ID’s (such as a Salesforce Contact ID, or Case ID). While you can use this information to personalize your email we’ll automatically also add that information to your URL as well behind the scenes. What this means is that when people click on your survey link, we’ll also bring over personal information about them into your GetFeedback results page so that you can see who your responses belong to.
You’ll also use merge fields to track your email survey responses in Salesforce. Of course you’ll want to still follow the steps we have outlined to set up your mappings to make sure that we place your responses where you want them within your Salesforce org. After that, we’ll automatically place in any merge fields into your URL that you’ve added when you created your recipient list. For example, if you want to make sure the Contact ID comes through for each recipient (so that you can tie their responses to their Salesforce record) your list might look something like this, when you upload it into GetFeedback:

Where 003j0000004op2i  is equal to the Salesforce Contact ID of that person.
When the email is sent out, we’ll automatically pull this information for each recipient we’re sending to. When they click on the link it will automatically track their responses and if you’ve set up your mappings, we’ll associate the survey response with the appropriate record in salesforce, such as contact, case, etc.
Note: Our Salesforce integration is available for GetFeedback for Salesforce plans only. Interested in upgrading? Talk to our sales team.

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