Frequently Asked Questions about Email

Will my email send right away?  
It might take a few minutes for your email to send as it queues up, but it will send within minutes of pressing the ‘send’ button.
Do you have any specific rules on who I can send to?
Yes, we do have spam rules in place. You can see those here.
How can I see who opened or clicked a link in my email?
You'll be able to see this information only if you've not deselected the ability to track email links before sending. By default however we will track this information for you so you can see total clicks and opens in your summary tab.
Can I add merge fields to my survey link?
Yes! We’ll automatically add in any merge fields that you give us from your recipient list upload. You’ll not need to do anything else! See more on how this works.
Can I add fallback terms when setting up personalization?
Yes, if you don’t have all of the information required for a certain recipient you can certainly add in fallback terms that can be used in their place. See more on how this works.
What email service do you use to send out the emails?
We use our parent company, Campaign Monitor to send out all emails from GetFeedback. 
I’d like to add my own logo to my emails, how do I do this?
At this time, there is currently no way to add logos to your email templates. We will automatically change the background of your email and button color based on the theme of your survey. 
Why is my preview email not coming through?
Sometimes when you send an email from the application to yourself or others in your company, it doesn't arrive. While there are many things that can prevent an email from reaching the inbox, if you're failing to receive emails sent from someone@yourdomain to someone@yourdomain, it's likely they're being blocked by your receiving mail server.
Note:  Often email does actually arrive, but has just taken a little longer than usual or has been sent to your junk folder. In the latter case, you may want to tweak the content of your email to avoid tripping the server's spam filter.
While your "From" address likely contains your own domain, when you send an email from our application it will be identified by recipient mail servers as having been delivered by us.
This mismatch can sometimes cause problems, as some mail servers are configured to try and stop spam by verifying the source of an incoming email. They see that the email is being delivered by somebody different than what the "From" address says, and this may affect the chances of the email reaching the inbox. Additional checks may then be performed to verify the integrity of the email, or it may be blocked outright.
If you can, you might want to try testing by sending to another address outside of your domain. Or, contact your mail administrator to see if they can help to unblock these emails from coming through.
What happens if someone forwards my survey?

Just as with any other survey link, if it is forwarded on to someone else outside of your recipient list, that person will also be able to take your survey. However, if you are using merge fields (otherwise known as custom fields) within your email, the response will be recorded as the original person you send the email to. This is because that unique information about your recipients is stored in your survey link and will be unique for each recipient who receives your email. When that email is forwarded on, that unique link stays the same, and will continue to be tracked just as if it was the original recipient.

Can I upload my list instead of manually type in my recipients?
Not at this time, no. I'm afraid that you'll need to type out your list manually.

Can I save my list for later?
Not at this time, no. You'll want to retype in your list each time. 

Can I have personalization in my survey?
Yes! We absolutely allow for personalization in your survey as well, however, we do not currently have the ability for you to use fallback terms. You’ll also want to use the same merge fields (otherwise referred to as custom fields) as you used in your email.

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