Summary Report Filters

If you’re on our Professional plan or above you can filter your summary report by either merge fields used within your survey url when you sent it out, or by answers given by your recipients.
To start filtering, open up a survey that has already collected results and click on the “Responses” tab on the top navigation. Once this menu is open, select the ‘Summary’ option to open up your summary report of this survey. Finally, click “Survey Results” to open your summary report.


On the right hand side of your screen you’ll now see the the option to add filters to this report. Please keep in mind that these filters cannot be saved within your GetFeedback account you can only send them via a generated link so if you’re looking to create a saved report with filters in place, head over and great a dashboard. From here you can add filters to your summary report to dive in a bit deeper into your data.


Using Date Ranges

Filters allow for you to narrow down your response data to only see certain criteria that you've set. The first step to adding a filter to your summary report is to select the date range you’d like to view.


The different date range options available to you are:


 - The entire lifetime of your survey. This will show you all responses throughout the entire time your survey has been running.


- Select a window of time such as last day, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, or last 365 days.


- Period type such as day, week, month, quarter, or year. We’ll show you the current period of time that fits your criteria.

 - Choose a specific date range. This is the most flexible option and will allow for you to choose any date range that you’d like throughout the life of your survey.

Please note: If you select a date range with a period of time preselected (such as quarter or last 30 days) there isn’t a way to adjust these date ranges manually. You’ll want to instead select the option to select your own date range. 

Using Filters

Next, you’ll want to add your filter to your report. We’ll go over the merge field filter here first.


Filters allow for you to narrow down your response data by certain data such as a merge field or particular answer. For example let’s say you’ve sent out your survey to 100 customers asking for them to rate your company giving them an NPS question with the rating scale of 0-10. Before you sent off that survey you also included a merge field that would track which region each customer was located. When your customer clicked on your survey link it then populated in your response area their region along with their name, email, and NPS score.


You can then use this information to filter by region in your tile, looking at just your customers and their NPS scores on the west coast of the United States. Selecting the date range June - September you could then quickly see your NPS score given by just those customers on the west coast during the June - September months.

Click out of the field to save the filter in place.

To delete this filter either remove the merge field name and click out of the filter OR click on the green circle above that shows how many filters are applied. Once this is clicked you can then pick which filter you’d like to remove from your summary report by clicking on the ‘x’ next to each filter to delete it.


The next option for filtering your summary report is to filter by answer. Using the example above, let’s say you also included a short answer question for people to explain their NPS score. If you wanted to search their comments for certain keywords you could use the ‘answer’ filter to quickly see all answers including those words.


Below we’ve added a filter on this question to look for those who also left a comment that contained the word “Support.”


You would then quickly see all answers only containing the words “Support” within this short answer question.


One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when setting filters is that they apply not just for one question but for all questions throughout your summary report. For example, if we were to leave these filters as:


Filter by date range: June - September and filter by answers that had the word “Support” in them we would then only see in the summary report those responses that had the word ‘support’ in them across the full survey on those dates, even if we were looking at other questions in the survey itself.

If you’d like to share the summary report you can now use the “Share report” button on the top left of your screen, just keep in mind that filters do not save in your GetFeedback account but they will show up in your reports that you'll send to others using these generated links.


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