Viewing "Salesforce Aware" Survey Responses in GetFeedback

Getting Started: Viewing "Salesforce Aware" Survey Responses in GetFeedback

In the example in the last step, we described the concept of adding dynamic Salesforce IDs onto the end of your survey links so that GetFeedback can track these responses and tie the results back into Salesforce. Now comes the fun part, you should be able to tell that everything is working by navigating to the Results tab within GetFeedback.  From here you will see each individual survey response, and the associated Salesforce IDs

For example, you can now see the response from Paulina that we showed during the step where you made your surveys "Salesforce aware", the associated Contact, Account, and Case records in Salesforce, and all of the response data. F
rom this screen you can see the little green check mark on the left side of the screen indicating that it has successfully pushed data into Salesforce as an activity record on the associated Contact, Account, and Case.

Not seeing your surveys in Salesforce? Make sure you've created your mappings in the 'Salesforce' tab so that we know where to store the survey information when it comes in (this is described in detail in the next step). Next, check to make sure that you've created lookup relationship if you're storing your survey in a custom object within Salesforce.
  The simple way to think about it is, if you included the Salesforce ID of an object in the "Salesforce Aware" survey URL, you'll want a lookup field to that Object.  For example, to place your survey responses into a custom object associated with Contacts, create a Lookup field to contact in your new Custom Object by clicking "New" in the "Custom Field" section, selecting Lookup Relationship, then select Contact in the "Related To" screen, then proceed with the rest of the setup of the object.

NoteWhile seemingly trivial, this is an important step in the setup process because if you can see your Salesforce IDs correctly here in the GetFeedback Results screen it means that you have completed Step 1 correctly, and you are ready to move on to the next step. Congratulations, you're halfway to finishing the setup!

From here please continue to Mapping Salesforce Aware Survey Responses to Salesforce or return to the Getting Started Guide  

Running into issues? See how you can troubleshoot common Salesforce Integration problems.

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